This website is a significantly more organised manifestation of my brain and indeed life.
I am a polymath, and as such I have multiple passions.

I am a writer, poet, studio manager and passionate advocate for animal welfare, disabled rights and overall justice- often to my detriment. I believe in magic, or whatever you choose to call it- the sparkle that makes life beautiful- and so live every day with Walt Disney’s words in my heart.

FAQ Answers:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Type III

What’s your Dog’s name? Copper or more commonly – Copps, Copperpie, Little Red or Bubba

Is she a mastiff? He’s a Labrador- just a fabulously wrinkly one built like a brick- which is lucky, because it’s the only potentially intimidating thing about him- he’s essentially Pooh Bear but he likes veggies instead of Honey.

What does Copper do? A lot!

What’s that? A robot avatar

Are you that girl who went to Spain? I can promise I’m not, but I would like to go there (not for surgery) some day.